About Abode

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Welcome to Abode!


Abode is a community of artists, artisans, and makers dedicated to improving their craft and reaching the community. We strive to connect makers and patrons both to learn form one another and to encourage the support of small handmade businesses.


The story of Abode starts with a classic maker story. Business owners Alexandra Forby and Christina Rippetoe met when they were neighbors at a local Craft Market. A few weeks later they were both looking to move their studios out of their homes and decided to look around together for a space. Inspired by the idea of sharing a space they decided to open the idea to a place that could hold multiple makers. The idea grew and evolved till the current vision for Abode, which includes workshops, studio spaces, retail, markets and events, and networking opportunities. We can't wait to see where Abode will go next!

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Thanks for your interest in learning more about Abode!
We're located at:
2204 Skidaway Rd.
Savannah, GA 31404
Feel free to email us with any questions at hello@abodesavannah.com
Our Retail store and workshops are currently closed due to COVID19.