Smudge Kit Workshop
Smudge Kit Workshop
Smudge Kit Workshop

Smudge Kit Workshop

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Date: July 14

Time: 3 PM - 4:30 PM

Location: 2204 Skidaway Rd. Savannah, GA

In this workshop, explore the art of smudging with Ashley Flynn from Alchemy and the Sea. Use local materials such as Mugwort & clam shells collected from the shores of Long Beach NY to help keep the connection close to those who are building these kits. The smudge kits are the perfect tool to help set the intention of ones sacred space and a must have for any alter in the home. Enjoy a light snack, meditative music as well as all materials needed for the clients to leave with a complete smudging kit.
Each kit will include:
1.  A large clam shell that will be painted with choice of acrylic paint and or paint pen. The clam shells will be primed prior to the event, and will be sealed before the client leaves with a clear coat spray. The client can choose to embellish their clam shell with glitter, crushed pyrite crystal for protection, etc. (paint pens, acrylic paint, brushes, glitter, glue ,clear coat ,pyrite will all be provided)
2. A large turkey feather. Each client will be given the opportunity to dye the feather and or embellish the feather with glitter if they so choose (all materials will be provided).
3. 2 Crystals - each client will have a choice of any 2 crystals to include in their kits. A detailed explanation of the healing properties & overall energies of the crystals will be explained in both visual detail as well as discussion.
   Clients will choose from:
   Rose Quartz
   Clear Quartz
   Black Tourmaline
4. 1 Linen Bag. Each client will leave with a pre-dyed linen bag to carry their smudge kits in 
5. Intention Card. Each client will leave with an intention card that has been pre-printed as well as invited to set their own intention and create their own card to include in the kit
6. Smudge stick or satchel. Mugwort, Lavender, White Sage & Rose petals will be available to be wrapped and bundled for smudging. Clients are invited to make a blend that suits their needs, as well as take a loose satchel if they prefer to making a smudging stick
7. Palo Santo Wood. Palo Santo wood is used in healing and is very powerful in clearing energy. I invite all participants to burn their intentions into the Palo Santo wood with supervision using a wood burning tool
8.  Matches. A pack of wooden matches will be included for each client to take home